Stuffed Shrimp Enbrochette


20 jumbo raw shrimp – peeled, deveined
1/2 cup Seafood Stuffing
10 jalapeno slices – halved
2 slices Monterey jack cheese – cut into 20 equal-size pieces
1 Lb. raw thin-sliced bacon


Slice shrimp down the middle of the opposite side you deveined.

Lay shrimp cut side up and press 1 tsp. prepared stuffing into each shrimp cut.

Place a jalapeno slice half over the stuffing on each shrimp.

Place a piece of cheese over the jalapeno on each shrimp.

Wrap each stuffed shrimp in a strip of bacon.

Thread 5 shrimp on a bamboo skewer; repeat with remaining shrimp.

Deep-fry shrimp in 400 degree oil until bacon is browned OR grill shrimp over a medium-high flame, turning once, until bacon is browned OR broil shrimp, turning once, until bacon is browned.