Pineapple Jelly


3 1/2 c 100% pineapple juice (store bought)
4 1/2 c sugar, pre measured into an easily pourable container
1 box fruit pectin, powdered
1 tsp margarine or butter


Sterilize your jars & heat your lids, and have your rings ready.

Combine juice and pectin in a large pan (or dutch oven) whisk pectin in real well. Add margarine or butter. Turn burner on to a high heat and bring to a full boil.

When it is at a full boil, pour your sugar in quickly and stir it in real well. Keep stirring to a full rolling boil, let it continue boiling for 1 full minute, (no less) constantly stirring and take off the heat at the end of full minute.

Skim off the foam and start putting in your sterilized jars, and cap them. Leave sit on a towel on the counter with minimal air contact. Wait for lids to pop, when jar is cooled you can keep them in a cupboard for a full year. Make sure you put the date on the label.